Public Agency Law

Cyndy Day-Wilson has extensive experience representing public agencies both as outside and in-house counsel. Most recently she served as the City Attorney and City Prosecutor of Eureka, California from 2011 to 2018.

Federal and State Court Actions

Extensive experience defending public agencies in federal and state courts against a wide variety of lawsuits including Brown Act, Public Records Act, Citizen Suit Actions [such as those filed under the Clean Water Act], taxpayer lawsuits, actions filed by former employees, and federal and state civil rights actions.

Drafting of Ordinances, Resolutions, and Policies

Drafted numerous ordinances and resolutions for public agencies throughout the state and has successfully defended any legal challenges. In addition, she has drafted numerous policies ranging from the simple to the more complex such as procurement policies and personnel policies and procedures.

Public Employment Issues

Extensive experience in dealing with disciplinary matters in the public agency arena encompassing the entire administrative disciplinary process.

She has also performed numerous investigations into employee complaints at every level from lower level staff to upper management.